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PREPARING FOR THE MENOPAUSE (peri and post) Part I : Bones

This is the first of three blogs on the subject of the menopause.  This first blog deals with what we can (and should) do to look after our bones.  Right now. Not later.  Now. Firstly some clarification. The peri-menopause refers to the years (usually the early...

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That’s code for ‘let’s do all we can NOT to get bowel diseases which may then lead to bowel cancer”. “Tell it like it is, …” The advice given here has been scooped up from a range of reputable websites to help with the symptoms of (or help prevent the onset of),...

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A cheap, quick supper idea which is vegan.  No meat, no animal products, but possibly plenty of moaning from those round your table.  If you think you can wing it and get it past the fussiest eater in your family then give it a go.  The recipe and photograph are...

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Coping with the effects of the all-inclusive holiday

Oh, come on.   You know what I mean.  You're feasting your eyes on a breakfast buffet which bears no resemblance to the porridge you have back home.  There's hams, cheeses, pastries, cereals, 5 types of yogurt, 10 sorts of bread (no, forgot the...

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Four Salad Dressings (that won’t break the calorie bank)

Move over oil and vinegar ....sometimes we want to add a bit more flourish to our salads.  Here are 4 simple ideas.  They'll also serve as tasty dollops for your barbecue meats and fish.  SKINNY CAESAR DRESSING Great over chopped cooked chicken and piles of crisp...

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Summer Drinking – Minimising the damage

FACT : ALCOHOL STOPS YOU BURNING THE FAT THAT'S ALREADY THERE. "Oh what a cheery soul you are, Deadman". Nothing like calling a spade a spade.  Alcohol is a toxin.  The body wants rid of it as quickly as possible and so it will stop using your fat stores for its...

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What’s the secret behind a great set of abs?

In short, there isn't one.  Just focused training and focused nutrition. "What?  No magic supplement?  No 500-sit-ups-a-day? No-fasted-training-plan? No shakes-bakes- HIT-crash-burn-diet? Nope. This is the core of a woman.  Her name is Chloe.  This is before she took...

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Blast Plan Case Study: Susan

This is Susan. What's her story? Well, it's one many might recognise. After the birth of her second child, she took a long look at herself in the mirror. "Hmmm I don't recognise that person.  She used to be trimmer, tighter, less slack. Bits are hanging out everywhere...

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Date and Almond Truffles

I ate some Cadbury’s chocolate the other day. I didn’t even get a kick out of the chocolatey-ness, it was just a sugar explosion. So I decided to set about making some of those round protein balls that the world and its wife seem to be knocking up. If I had children...

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5 ways to serve up gorgeous green vegetables… that isn’t a salad

We already know the importance of having a healthy helping of vegetables on the daily plate and frankly we’re bored with that Annie Deadman banging on about plain old broccoli.  So if you’re finding that getting your fix of the good stuff is wearing a bit thin, then here are 5 easy and delicious recipes all with green veg at the very centre.

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4 Dead Simple Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Back

This blog is aimed at anyone who suffers regularly from an ache in the lower back area caused mostly by incorrect posture when seated too long (at a desk or in a car) or from lack of exercise. It is intended as a guide to help you strengthen muscles at home.

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