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Read what they say… this is what 21 days can do for you

“I was recommended to do this by a friend. I never imagined that in such a short time I could achieve so much. My IBS symptoms subsided, I slept like a log and my energy levels rocketed. Not a fan of exercise but I do feel much fitter now and I got rid of a lovely wadge of fat too. Such a brilliant programme.” – TM, Buckinghamshire (9.5 inches)

Jane, London

Jane, London

10 lbs and 10.5 inches

“For me it was about doing the right kind of exercise. I was jogging a bit but no resistance work and I was never seeing any results. Food portions were also a bit of an issue. Doing Blast helped me into a proper eating routine, got my thighs and backside firmer and stopped me heading towards the wine bottle each evening. The support and encouragement was amazing.”

Patsy, Leeds

Patsy, Leeds

9 lbs, 7 inches (and counting...)

“I’m getting married and I still kept thinking it was months away. My stressful job and lack of time meant going to the gym was out of the question. I needed a kick-start… actually, just the kick. This was it. The short workouts suited me (still hate squat jumps) and the food rules were easy to follow. It fell off me which has encouraged me to keep going until my big day. Big day, small dress!”

Chris, Southampton

Chris, Southampton

8 lbs and 7 inches

“To say I loved it would be an exaggeration. I hate exercise, I’m not particularly interested in food and I sit down at work all day which had resulted in a large belly. The food plans were right up my street (didn’t bother with the recipe collection, although they looked tempting) and I just about managed the workouts. I never felt hungry and the best thing was feeling my trousers get looser and looser.”

Sue, London

Sue, London

6 lbs and 9.5 inches

“I had heard about the BLAST plan and 21 days seemed like a do-able amount of time. I had just had a baby so my body wasn’t its best but I needed a plan which was flexible but where I had support if I needed it. The workouts were tough but I’m guessing they had to be – no point in doing something easy. Even though they made them so entertaining (like watching a comedy double act sometimes) it’s clear they are deadly serious about people getting results. The motivation was fantastic.”

Richard, London

Richard, London

13 lbs and 9 inches

“I will do Blast again but I will NEVER do it whilst Rugby World Cup is on. I had to watch my mates drink beer which was hell. I loved the workouts, loved the food and thought the whole programme was very well put together with astounding results.”

Adele, Cape Town

Adele, Cape Town

11 lbs and 11 inches

“I wish I’d known about this years ago. This is like a worldwide cyber bootcamp. The workouts are demanding and the support and encouragement are beyond expectation. Annie’s dry humour kept me amused and I used to look forward to her email dropping into my inbox every day. After the 21 days I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to continue what I had learnt, but it was a cinch. It still is.”

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“Thank you just doesn’t cover it. I have learned so much from you over the last 3 weeks. Scores on the doors are a loss of 8.5 inches and 3 of those are off my waist!”

LA, Ascot

“The eating guidelines are very easy to understand and the recipe collection is full of delicious ideas. I was impressed at the speedy replies too if I had a question.”

KS, London

“My wife was doing BLAST and as it was a chance to do something together, I tagged along. I loved the variety of the training sessions and I now feel so much stronger and fitter. I lost 12 pounds in the 21 days and I feel I owe you because I was getting a free ride. This is a great programme and some feat to lift me out of my apathy.”

AH, Surrey

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