Meet the motivating blast duo who will make you do things you never thought possible

The Blast Plan is a wonderful 21-day experience. It’s a weight-loss and nutrition adventure and these two people are your buddies, your personal trainers and your mentors. You will be supported, motivated, educated and entertained for the entire journey.

Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron
“I just wanted to say the exercises in the workouts are fantastic. It’s like having personal trainers in the room with you. I’m absolutely loving it. I can really see that you put your heart and soul into this and that’s what makes it so motivating. Thank you so much.”

KB, Devon

“I’ve just done workout no. 2 of Week One. Genius. Evil genius!”

JB, Twickenham

“Amazing. Loved it! The convenience, the clear instructions, the short punchy workouts, the food ideas. 100% brilliant.”

JS, Kent

“None if it is rocket science but you need discipline… and this is where Annie Deadman and her team come in. It works so well online!”
“Working out to your encouragement helps me a million times more than any other forms of exercise I’ve tried.”

GG, Manchester

Annie Deadman

Blast Plan Creator

Annie is the very proud creator The Blast Plan. She used to be really quite chubby and now she isn’t, so she knows the ins and outs of the ‘dieting’ person’s mind. Annie wanted to devise a programme of weight-loss which was good value, which would inspire and motivate, educate and entertain and which was doable no matter what your lifestyle. She wanted people to understand the links between food, mood, energy levels and the inner workings of the gut… but have a jolly good laugh in the process. Kathryn Flett, journalist and Blast-er said that Annie is: “Warm, funny, kind and entirely non-judgemental as well as being totally kick-ass”. You can be the judge of that.

Annie appears in all the Blast workouts (Level A, B and C as well as the Pilates Blast workouts). She’s the one moaning and sweating (like you). And he’s the one without a hair out of place. Together with a mixed bag of banter and empathy they have produced online workouts of inimitable quality and effectiveness.

Photo of Annie Deadman
Photo of Aaron Roberts-Rudland

Aaron Roberts-Rudland

Blast Leader

An ex-professional footballer turned fitness coach, Aaron has coaxed many people towards their weight-loss goals and continues to run the personal training side of Annie’s business, in South West London.

He plays a pivotal role as a Blast leader and mentor, keeping the Blast-ers fired up, motivated and on track. He too understands what it takes to nourish a body towards an end goal as he himself has spent time in a ‘fat-suit’ (as he puts it).

Aaron appears in the Level A, B and C Blast workouts and he is a man you will love to hate. Annie does.

Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron
Photo of Annie & Aaron


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