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The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

On 27 December 2018, the book of the 21 Day Blast plan will be published by Harper Collins, just in time to relieve everyone of their Christmas overload.

I was chuffed to bits to be given the opportunity to secure the wonderful Blast plan down in print. The workouts are new, the recipes are also all new (bar five!) and have been devised with the help of an accomplished home economist and nutritionist who has masses of books to her own name.

The rest of the book is what you would expect – captivating, informative and riveting with a sprinkling of hilarious.

Amazon will not despatch the book to arrive any earlier than the publication date which is 27 December 2018.

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In January 2016 the journalist Kathryn Flett was commissioned by the Daily Mail to do a 7 day taster of The 21 Day Blast plan. She came, she loved and she lost.

“What is refreshingly new is Annie’s attitude. When I read on her website that she likes cycling, running and lifting horribly heavy weights… and cake, I warm to her at once.”

Read the full article on the Daily Mail website.

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The Sunday Times Style Magazine

Viv Groskop, comedian and author, wrote in the Style magazine in August 2016 of her three stone loss. And of her unswerving hatred of exercise!

“I decided that the whole bootcamp/eating thing was no longer my problem. I was outsourcing it to the woman who runs my bootcamps, Annie Deadman. All I have to do is turn up and she will do the rest. In the first 9 months I lost 9lbs. Proper sustained weight loss does not happen overnight, I’m sorry to report. It takes repeated tiny efforts. I just have to do what Annie Deadman says, it’s her problem not mine. Hello reduced likelihood of death. Goodbye humungous.”

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