“The first thing that strikes me when I meet Annie Deadman is how incredibly normal she is. I am expecting a media-savvy Lululemon leggings clad fitness “guru” who will churn out Instagram-friendly sound bites and make you feel fat and inadequate. Instead I find a 58-year old woman next door who lives by what she teaches, which is that any busy midlifer can learn to eat better and move without too much sacrifice or effort.”
Lucy Dunn, Journalist, Sunday Telegraph

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I have the lovely job of Fitness Columnist for Woman&Home magazine, another platform I can use to help coax us mid-lifers towards improved strength, fitness, self-esteem, stable hormones and smaller trousers.

“Annie Deadman is an inspiration to us all! Her woman&home Facebook workouts fit perfectly into our busy lives and we’re delighted she’s now a regular fixture for her devoted fans.” – Catherine Westwood, Editor-in-chief, Woman&Home


My ramblings also appear every week in Woman magazine where I’m resident wellness columnist. Join me for chat, tips and advice about anything and everything to do with making the best of ourselves.

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The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

I am so proud. On 28 December 2018 my first book was published by Harper Collins, just in time to help everyone along with their New Year health and well-being plans.

I was so chuffed to be asked to write this book so that the wonderful Blast Plan can reach even more people. The workouts are effective, the recipes are delicious – and mostly different to the online plan – and were devised with the help of the accomplished nutritionist, Joy Skipper, who has masses of books to her own name.

The rest of the book is what you would expect – no-nonsense information for the mid-life market about losing fat and getting healthier. It’s a brilliant read, both entertaining and hilarious.

The Sunday Telegraph

December 2018

In a feature to promote the 21 Day Blast Plan book, the journalist Lucy Dunn rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in. The piece gave a true but glowing testimonial and the coverage was colossal. Lucy loved it so much, she then signed up to the online Blast plan… without any arm-twisting!

The Sunday Telegraph cover photo
Prima Magazine article photo

Prima Magazine

January 2019

This was such a fun shoot. The team at Prima were so encouraging and professional and somehow they managed to coax me into a glitter jumpsuit.

The result was a terrific 5 page promotion of the Blast book, the plan, and all its benefits.

Woman’s Own Magazine

December 2018

A great piece giving 2 double page spreads over to some of the mouth-watering Blast recipes and me looking a total lemon performing some of the workout moves.

Woman's Own article photo
My Weekly Magazine article photo

My Weekly Magazine

January 2019

Under the title of "Annie’s 21 Day Blast Plan!" the feature focused on some extracts from the book and included some copy written by me especially for My Weekly.

A lovely article with, again, some more bonkers photos of me looking tousled and puffed.

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

February 2019

This is a great magazine with all my favourite subjects in one place.

For the purposes of the book promotion, the focus in this feature is on the gut and the recipes they extracted from the book are all vegan. Colourful photos with snappy copy, the article really does the book justice.

Health & Wellbeing Magazine article photo
Daily Mail article photo

The Daily Mail

January 2017

In January 2017 the journalist Kathryn Flett was commissioned by the Daily Mail to do a 7 day taster of The Blast Plan. She came, she loved and she lost.

“What is refreshingly new is Annie’s attitude. When I read on her website that she likes cycling, running and lifting horribly heavy weights… and cake, I warm to her at once.”

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

August 2016

Viv Groskop, comedian and author, wrote in the Style magazine in August 2016 of her three stone loss. And of her unswerving hatred of exercise!

“I decided that the whole bootcamp/eating thing was no longer my problem. I was outsourcing it to the woman who runs my bootcamps, Annie Deadman. All I have to do is turn up and she will do the rest. In the first 9 months I lost 9lbs. Proper sustained weight loss does not happen overnight, I’m sorry to report. It takes repeated tiny efforts. I just have to do what Annie Deadman says, it’s her problem not mine. Hello reduced likelihood of death. Goodbye humungous.”

Style Magazine article photo
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