The Blast Two Plan

“I learnt so much on Blast Two… mostly at which point to stop eating! I loved working out at home with weights and hooray, my back fat and muffin top are going. I feel strong and very happy.”
KC, London

With your increased fitness and awareness of all things fat-related on Blast One, you may feel it’s time to hone your results. Enter the Blast Two plan. Each person will be given a daily calorie and protein quota to follow (calculated according to your personal data) plus a schedule of weekly check-ins with your Blast leader to ensure you stay on track. Annie and Aaron will, again, push you through a series of workouts (this time using dumbbells) and going this extra mile will more than pay off.

Cost: £99

The next BLAST TWO plan starts on Saturday 22 June 2019

“I am feeling really pleased. It has been the best thing I have done for myself in a really long time and I have prioritised these 3 weeks as being for me. I have learnt so much from you, many many thanks” EC, London (10.5 inches)

How Does It Work?

eat icon

1. Eat

Once booked on, you will be asked for some basic data so that your daily calorie and protein quota can be calculated. A few days before the official start date, the Blast Two pack is sent to your inbox and this contains your food guidelines, recipe collection, video workout links, food diary and more.

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2. Train

4 video workout links (plus a bonus 5th if you fancy it!) are sent to your inbox each week. Duration 22-35 minutes each. These are different workouts to Blast One, slightly more challenging, but the fun, the sweat and the banter are the same. Low impact moves are always offered and you will need a pair of dumbbells.

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3. Flourish

Your Blast leader will keep you on track and he/she will ask you to email in with weekly results. On each of the 21 days you and everyone on both Blast plans will receive original, fresh emails from Annie, the creator of Blast. These will keep you motivated, driven and entertained.

This is a clip from a typical BLAST TWO style workout.

Looks like it’s another easy time for Aaron.

But not for Annie.

Head over to the FAQs for a more detailed low-down on Blast Two.

The Blast Two Plan video

“The second best thing about Blast (the 1st being two dress sizes down which I’ve sustained for 18 months now) is the STRENGTH!!! I no longer feel vulnerable or fragile. My ankles aren’t weak, my back is strong and I can sprint for the bus and lift the enormous dog into the car. Aches in my knees are a thing of the past. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

JP, Oxford (Sep 2018)

“Day 10 – Being over 50, I’ve seen improvements in the last 10 days that no expensive creams or even Botox could achieve.”

CF, London (Feb 2018)

“People more or less told me that being over 40, it wasn’t possible to change things. Thanks for proving them wrong! Blast has shown me what is possible and what I can achieve. Thank you so much.”

LW, London (Jul 2018)

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