“OMG! This is so much more than a weight-loss programme. This is a marvellous way to recalibrate, break bad habits and celebrate delicious food and exercise.” – JC, Dorset

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“The total loss is 12.5 inches! I don’t know what I weigh and I no loner care, I just want to look better in my clothes and feel better in myself. So thank you for teaching me that!” SB, Surrey (Feb 2018)

“Six months ago I was bursting out of my clothes and had to buy a size 16. This was the turning point for me. I had never been ‘big’ and here I was, FAT! Three BLAST plans later and I am a size 12. I have lost a total of 17 inches. SEVENTEEN!! Needless to say I am delighted.” JP, London (Sep 2017)

“Thank you so much for all your support, encouragement, wise words and good humour. I have really felt you have looked after me.” FC, Belfast - 8 inches (Nov 2017)

The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

The 21 Day Blast Plan Book

I am so proud. On 28 December 2018 my first book was published by Harper Collins, just in time to help everyone along with their New Year health and well-being plans.

I was so chuffed to be asked to write this book so that the wonderful Blast Plan can reach even more people. The workouts are effective, the recipes are delicious – and mostly different to the online plan – and were devised with the help of the accomplished nutritionist, Joy Skipper, who has masses of books to her own name.

The rest of the book is what you would expect – no-nonsense information for the mid-life market about losing fat and getting healthier. It’s a brilliant read, both entertaining and hilarious.

Watch this. Find out what the Blast Plans can do for you.

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“A fantastic programme that worked. Annie’s enthusiasm was infectious and all the advice made complete sense.”

The 21 Day BLAST ONE Plan


The gorgeous food, effective equipment-free workouts and fantastic team spirit will keep your fat down and your motivation up. Blast One is our best seller. Prepare, gorgeous people, for a really quite lovely experience.


The 21 Day BLAST TWO Plan


The Blast Two plan will build beautifully on the results you achieved in Blast One. This is through increased accountability, portion control and weekly check-ins with your Blast leader. The Blast Two plan is only open to graduates of Blast One.

The next Blast Plans start on Saturday 21 September 2019








“9 inches down and 6lbs off. Thighs feel like iron. Thank you!”
AB, Manchester

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