The Blast One Plan

“First of all thank you….this has been more wonderful than I imagined. My energy is back to pre 40, pre-menopause levels and I am enjoying my food so much more. I’m miles more focused and my well-being is hugely improved. I lost 12.5 inches!” – SS, London

The next round of Blast Plans start on Saturday 18 January 2020








This 21 day Blast Plan will revolutionise the way you eat and the way you exercise. Replace lethargy, tight clothes and that bloated feeling with strength, vitality and control. Prepare to become fitter and stronger… and to sustain it!

Cost: £69


How Does It Work?

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1. Eat

A few days before the official start date, the Blast One pack is delivered to your inbox. This contains the Blast eating plan, recipe collection, a selection of workout video links, food diary and more, along with contact details for your Blast leader who is there for support and motivation. No need to be a gourmet chef, you can adapt the Blast guidelines to your own preferred food.

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2. Train

Each week 4 online workouts are delivered to your inbox and you choose the level! Level A (Newbie), Level B (Intermediate) or Level C (Advanced – you’ll need a pair of dumbbells). You can swap between levels during the 21 days.

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3. Flourish

On each of the 21 days you will receive an email from Annie, the Blast creator. She will lavish you with motivation, humour and support, as well as fascinating stuff about your body. You will feel part of a community all with a common aim of improving your shape, health and energy levels, so that mid-life can be your best life.

Have a look at the three levels of workout. You will be sent all of them in your Blast pack just before the start date. Annie does all the workouts with you under the critical gaze of Aaron, one of the Blast Plan trainers. She sweats and groans. So do you.

Level A Workout (Newbie)

The Blast One Plan video

Level B Workout (Intermediate)

The Blast One Plan video

Level C Workout (Advanced)

The Blast One Plan video
“My husband has drunk a bottle of beer and is now eating biscuits. I’m not even tempted. That’s quite a shift in my mental attitude!”


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