The Blast One Plan

“Total loss is 10.5 inches! But the bit I’m the most thrilled about is the 4 inches off my waist. Woo hoo!” – DP, Essex

This 21 day online fat-loss programme will revolutionise the way you eat and the way you exercise. Replace lethargy, tight clothes and that bloated feeling with strength, vitality and control. Your body and your soul will be nourished through a gut-friendly eating plan and a series of short (but utterly addictive) workouts. You will become fitter and stronger and your shape will change. You will learn how to maintain that shape forever.

Cost: £69

The next BLAST ONE plan starts on Saturday 19 January 2019

“My husband has drunk a bottle of beer and is now eating biscuits. I’m not even tempted. That’s quite a shift in my mental attitude!”

How Does It Work?

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1. Eat

A few days before the official start date, the Blast One pack is delivered to your inbox. This contains the Blast eating plan, recipe collection, video workout links, food diary and more, along with contact details for your Blast leader who is there for support and motivation. No need to be a gourmet chef, you can adapt the Blast guidelines to your own preferred food.

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2. Train

Four online workouts (duration 20-30 minutes) are sent to your inbox each week (12 in total), and include adaptations for lower impact moves. You do them in your own time and no equipment is required. Have a look at the example below.

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3. Flourish

On each of the 21 days you will receive fresh, original emails from Annie, the Blast creator. She will lavish you with love, humour and fat-facts and, together with your Blast leader, they will help you understand why Blast works.

Here is a taste of a typical Blast One workout.
Annie does the entire workout with you under the critical gaze of Aaron, one of the Blast leaders.

She sweats.
So do you.
He doesn’t.

The Blast One Plan video

“I lost 10 inches this time!! I have now done 3 Blasts and I am 25.5 inches smaller. I am signing up for the next one because I will need it after a week in the Swiss mountains…fondue…wine! Looking forward to wearing my new SMALLER ski jacket.”

CM, London (Feb 2018)

“I was amazed, staggered even, at what I achieved and learnt in those 21 days. So much of Blast has become everyday for me now. I just don’t want to go back to how I was.”

GB, Bristol - 9.5 lbs, 7 inches (Nov 2017)

“Day 7: I know I shouldn’t be measuring yet but I couldn’t help myself. After just 1 week, I have lost 5 inches from my stomach!! I can’t believe it – I don’t know what I was eating or drinking but something clearly wasn’t agreeing with me. Let’s see what I can do after 2 more weeks.”

VW, London (Feb 2018)

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