With regard to our fitness levels and body-composition, we have a certain degree of control.  If we want to run a 5k, we do a progressive training programme.  If we want to lose fat, we eat less but better.  There are other things we have little control over and having cellulite is one of them. It’s totally normal (like men losing their hair for example) and it’s not a sign of weakness, or over-indulgence or lack of self-care.  It’s just there, along with the other things we could drive ourselves mad worrying about but which don’t matter and which don’t affect how downright lovely we are.

What causes the cellulite itself is actually unknown but what influences its appearance is down to structural issues.  Grab a handful of thigh (go on, I am).  Underneath the skin is muscle with little pockets of fat cells. There are connective bands tying the muscle to the skin.  If these bands are tight, they pull the skin tighter over the muscle thereby making the knobbly fat cells more visible (think clingfilm over a bunch of grapes).  Our skin is thinner so the unevenness will be more visible but men don’t seem to have it because their skin is thicker (often in more ways than one!) .  Slim, lean people have it but it will be more pronounced the more body-fat you’re carrying.  With some patience (and absolutely no anxiety or embarrassment) these steps will help the appearance of that cellulite:

  1.  Cut down (or out!) sugary and ultra-processed foods. Also watch the booze.
  2.  Eat plenty of protein, lots of veg, good fats, complex carbs. You know the drill by now.
  3.  Resistance (strength) training is essential.  Tightens the muscles and all its connective tissue.
  4.  Movement…walking, low level cycling, swimming, do it every day.  Keeps the blood flow optimal.
  5.  Drink lots of water.

None of it is rocket science.  And you’ve heard it all before.  But if your cellulite bothers you, then try those points. You’ll probably lose fat too, but the appearance of any cellulite should definitely improve.  Add a bit of skin-brushing to that if it makes you feel better.  A tough bristle brush using firm upward strokes, then apply a good nourishing body cream, for example the lovely Cerave smoothing cream (works wonders on bumpy goosepimple-y skin).

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