It’s made its way into the papers recently and I’ve never been a fan of this measurement. Here’s why.  The BMI (body mass index) is a simple equation used in the medical profession to determine if someone’s weight is healthy.  What they’re really trying to do is use weight as a means of determining fatness (with a view to making a judgement about their health). The BMI is calculated using just someone’s height and weight.  Not their age, or gender, how much muscle they have, what their diet is like, or their lifestyle.  No.  Just by dividing weight in kilos by the height squared.  So, take me.  I’m 61kg but a short arse at 5’3” (160 cms).  I keyed all that into the NHS calculator and my BMI came out at 24.7.  The comment alongside said “You’re at the higher end of the scale and you should keep an eye on your weight”.

Silence.  Tumbleweed moment.  But nothing more than I expected.

I am of sturdy build and therefore my weight is relatively high for my height. I’m strong, eat well and I consider myself pretty fit. Our weight (which is not the same as our fat levels)  do not determine our health, or how much fat wehave, it just tells us our….erm….largeness.  So, view the BMI formula with a pinch of salt.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all-calculation to determine the fatness (and therefore health) of a person.

I spend my life telling customers who seek help to improve health and reduce fatness ( NOT to hold up weight as the only means of gauging health or fat-loss progress. A tape measure and that pair of trousers from three years ago are much better goals.


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