You might be by the pool in a quarantine-free country, lapping up the cheap beers and endless sunshine so motivation for anything other than reading the next chapter of your book or choosing which bistro to visit is way down the list.  But September is here and that is the perfect time to refresh our goals. Not just exercise, but the whole package.  Good health has never been more important so let’s look at ways to keep motivated, when Autumn is upon us.

Parting with cash is always a good incentive so look at signing up to a local fitness class or online course where someone gets to know you…and expect you! Commitment to someone else helps enormously.  Grab an exercise buddy, compare diaries and block out time each week to do something together – it will keep you accountable, compliant and letting her down will make you feel bad.  Boost the benefits by putting aside money every week for each session you do together, tot up the total after 3 months and then enjoy splashing out on a beauty or fashion treat.  Setting goals is vital too, even when it comes down to your food habits.  Aim for a number, so 30 different vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts in a week.  Or one 175ml glass of wine per workout you do each week! Not forgetting the obvious 10,000 steps too.  Book a challenge walk or a 10k with some friends and think of the training as part of your social ife.

Thinking ahead is a brilliant tactic. In 10-20 years’ time I bet you have plans for when the children leave home, so keep those plans in the forefront of your mind.  We owe it to ourselves to make the very best of what we have.  Even down to taking supplements!  Buy that one-a-day Vitamin D (high strength) and start taking it now, right now.  Before writing this piece, I asked my Instagram followers what would motivate them.  “Health is wealth” came one response.  How true that is!

P.S  If you’re short on motivation and big on lying on the sofa, then The 21 Day BLAST Plan is the perfect kick-start.  Held 6 times a year, this is much much more than a fitness and fat-loss programme.  I’ll change your mindset!  Find out when the next one is at




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