Home Workout Motivation: Picture this – There’s the sofa. The family all nestled on it, cuddling the dog. The lights are dimmed ready for episode 4 of something or other on Netflix but it doesn’t mask the guilty looks in your direction as the familiar rustle of chocolate wrappers can be heard.

It’s Friday night. You’ve been at work all day. You’d planned a 20 minute intense workout in the spare room. Your trainers are waiting. Your stop watch is waiting. The long walk up the stairs seems like a punishment. How can it turn into something you just do? Automatically. Like eating. Or buying a coffee on the way to work. You just do it without thinking.

Well, here’s some tips!

Home Workout Motivation Tips

1. Diary Dates

Make a pact with yourself that you’re going to do three, four… whatever… short workouts per week. Whether it’s for now or forever. Then write them in your diary. Plan them, so they don’t become incidental or snatched moments. The workouts are thought about, considered, mused over. Then done.

2. Kit

Find space in the house for your workouts and make it yours. Get everything ready and keep it there. This avoids those dangerous pitfalls where excuses can be loud and clear, “Oh I can’t find my favourite socks / hairband / water bottle… can’t possibly do the workout without those.” Get the iPad charged, the stop-watch ready and the floor cleared. Takes seconds. When you’ve finished, then shut the door on it all, then open it up again when you do your next one. It becomes your gym. If you don’t have a spare room, then leave a carrier bag with everything you need in the same place. Hide it. Shut the door. If it means other house mates have to leave the room, then plan it and warn them.

3. Carrots

I’m big on carrots. Dangle them. Big fat home workout motivation carrots. “I can’t have a hot bath with my huuuuugely expensive bath oil and the next chapter of my book until I’ve finished this workout.”“I can’t have wine until I’ve moaned my way through that 15 minute FAT BURNER.” Earn it. A workout earned is happiness doubled.

4. Turn Temptation Into A Positive

A whiff of martyr. A touch of victim and lashings of smug. So it would go something like this (baring false smile, obvs). “No, no, it’s fine. You just sit there. Don’t you worry about me. Have another family bag of Minstrels, watch another episode, I’m going to nip upstairs and do my stuff. Looking forward already to my thighs burning tomorrow and the sweat pouring down my face.” Scores 10 on the smug-o-meter every time.

Home Workout Motivation

5. Choose Your Workouts Wisely

With the vast choice of online workouts available, wading your way through them to find someone who inspires and motivates you can be a helluva task. Will the backdrop of palm trees in Miami keep you going through the squat jumps when all you’ve got is the laundry rack with your husband’s pants on? And what about the instructor? Do you want ripped, humourless and with perfect make up and hair? Or do you want a normal, suffering and sweating workout? Like you. Like… ahem… me… try this for size.

6. Don’t Just Go Through The Motions

  • Do 25 minute workout. Tick.
  • Forehead slightly damp. Tick
  • Could have tried harder. Tick.

Cruising through the same workouts every week will not a goddess of toned arms and legs make. Push yourself and make sure whoever you are watching on YouTube is also pushing you. Ignore the pause button, just crack on. Keep point 7 in mind.

7. An End-Goal

Doing your workouts at home is a means to an end. Keep that end in mind. Check that your emotional investment is paying off. Is it for damage limitation and to off-set the wine and family bags of Doritos? If so, great. Just keep an eye (on measurements and fit of clothes) that’s it’s working.

Is it to get smaller but stronger? That’s good too. Ensure you’re not festering in the same old rut. Have you been doing press-ups with your knees on the floor for three months? Go to the next level (one knee off) and then you’ll start to increase progress. Make things harder. Something has to change for change to happen. Ticking off your familiar workout in your diary and in your head may not get you to your goal. Doing a workout that hurts a little will.

8. Embrace Those Endorphins

When you’ve gone some way to getting into the habit of regular home workouts, the brain will begin to associate the pain and sweating (because there has to be a bit of both of those) with endorphins. These are groups of hormones secreted within the brain which activate the body’s opiate receptors. These not only help to block pain but also give us feelings of pleasure. Pleasure will overcome pain.

Follow these home workout motivation tips and you won’t be able to miss a workout ever again! You’ll miss entire series on Netflix but you’ll be strong, firm and the feeling that gives you is worth more than a Game of Thrones finale, any day. Addiction will become your middle name. You’ll be snorting and sniffing those power star-jumps and squats in no time. You’ll punch the air and want more.

Good luck, lovely people. Thank you for reading. Annie x

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