The Pilates Blast Plan

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for creating such a brilliant, achievable plan to lose the excess fat which seems to have crept up on me unannounced and uninvited.” –  CM, Surrey, UK

The next round of Blast Plans start on Saturday 18 January 2020








The Pilates Blast Plan is brand new for 2019. The progressive Pilates style workouts (4 each week) are designed to strengthen your body both inside and out, and are aimed at those requiring less vigorous movement. Combine these mainly floor based workouts with the wonderful Blast eating plan and the daily email support, and you’re onto a real winner.

Cost: £69


How Does It Work?

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1. Eat

A few days before the official start date, the Pilates Blast pack will be sent to your inbox. This contains your first week’s Pilates workouts, the Blast eating plan, recipe collection (vegetarian and vegan included), food diary and more. You can adapt the Blast principles to your own preferred food, so no gourmet chef skills are required!

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2. Train

Four online Pilates workouts will be emailed to you each week, around 45 minutes in length. Working along with Annie, you will strengthen not just your core but your whole body so you emerge stronger and revitalised. Other low impact exercise such as walking and swimming are encouraged too. No previous Pilates experience is required as Annie will guide you through everything.

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3. Flourish

The gut-friendly Blast eating plan will ensure you fuel your body correctly so that you keep your muscle but use fat for fuel. The Pilates workouts will give you a renewed body confidence, balance and muscle tone. You will have bagged yourself a brand new skill!

Watch this. Find out what the Pilates Blast Plan can do for you.

The Blast Plan video
“Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your win-win lifestyle programme. It’s inspiring, fun, motivational and informative, with the added bonus of getting positive sustainable results.  It’s a no-brainer… and I’m sorry but I’ll be sending my friends to you.” – ML, North London


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