In short, there isn’t one.  Just focused training and focused nutrition.

What?  No magic supplement?  No 500-sit-ups-a-day? No-fasted-training-plan? No shakes-bakes- HIT-crash-burn-diet?


This is the core of a woman.  Her name is Chloe.  This is before she took part in the 21 Day BLAST plan.

After three weeks of doing 4 or 5 workouts a week plus a no sugar, managed carbs nutrition plan, her torso looks like this:

She was flatter.  No overhang. A bit of muscle definition. Pretty darn good for 21 days.

“Well done you!”  I applauded.

“Thank you Annie.  They’re good.  But what I’d really like are these” Chloe said

A lovely set of abs, true. But the girl in that picture is probably late 20’s (Chloe is mid 40’s, I’m late 50’s). She will do isolated abdominal work every day on top of other training, AND she will be anal about her nutrition.  She probably has no children and all she has to think about is herself.  If you want those, Chloe, then it will take time, patience and dedication but it can be done.  Depends how much you want it.”

So what does it take?:

1.  TRAINING: Dedicate about 20 minutes at the end of your daily workout to working your core.  Hit all the core muscles, the obliques (internal, external), the six pack (rectus abdominis), the deep layer (transversus abdmonis.  Aim for 75 – 100 reps for each type, depending on the intensity of the move. Aim for 350-400 reps total.

The rest of your work should be based around all other muscle group, especially the big ones (legs, chest, back) because working those burns the most fat.

2.  FOOD:  Cut out sugar, increase your protein, eat good sources of carbohydrate, cut out alcohol, drink 3 litres of water per day and eat the right amount of calories for your height, weight, age and exercise output.

3.  MEASURE : Take 3 measurements.  Through the navel, 2-3 inches above, and 2-3 inches below. Remeasure every two weeks.

4.  TIME : Allow at least two months to see a difference, possibly less if you’re in your twenties, possibly more if you’re headed for 45+.

5. GENES: Be realistic about your own body shape and what you think you can achieve. Try not to compare yourself to others.

If you would like any advice or have a question to ask please do get in touch with us ( Or post a question on the Annie Deadman Academy Facebook page.


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