It’s January and we’re so over salads. We want nourishing nosh, don’t we? And we want it with the least fuss and mess.

Enter – the slow cooker.

Yeh sure, not the sexiest of kitchen gadgets but what it loses in raunchiness, it makes up for in downright practicality… in a ‘bung-in-switch-on’ sort of way. This recipe is fail-safe, easy and delicious. Just ignore the word stew… which can take you back to the 1970’s (or is that just me?).

And listen… get those bags of frozen diced stuff from the supermarket. Saves so much time which more than outweighs the minor extra costs.

Chicken, Chorizo and Paprika Stew

Serves 4 (8 thighs)

  • 8 chicken thighs 
  • 1 x tin of chopped tomatoes
  • tomato puree
  • smoked paprika, cinnamon, black pepper
  • frozen diced onion, frozen sliced peppers, frozen spinach (bags of them from any supermarket, so lazy but so easy)… and you can add any other veg you like too 
  • 1 x 5 inch piece of good chorizo, chopped
  • 250ml (roughly) of chicken stock
  1. Put the slow cooker onto a high setting.
  2. Pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes and two or three squirts of tomato puree.
  3. Add a teaspoon of smoked paprika, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and black pepper.
  4. Take the skin off 8 chicken thighs and place in the liquid-y mush.
  5. Add a couple of handfuls of each the frozen onion, sliced peppers and a few blocks of the frozen spinach.
  6. Add chopped chorizo (try not to eat it first).
  7. Pour in the stock, give a good stir and then leave on high for about 2-3 hours or until bubbling and looking enticing.
  8. Then turn down to medium with the lid half off so that some of the liquid can reduce down.You can keep it like this as long as you like, just check and stir every so often.  OR you can keep it on medium heat all day and just reduce down when you are ready to eat.  Serve with heaps of green veg. (You can add a dollop of carbs to that only if you’ve done a stonking workout. 🙂

Have a happy day. Annie x

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