One of the wonderful things about running the 21 Day Blast Plan is hearing people’s discoveries about their own body. As they get to grips with the Blast eating plan and embrace its wholesomeness, the changes to their daily lives take them by surprise…

“I have absolutely loved this plan. From being a tired and quite frankly miserable cow most of the time I have changed into someone a lot more positive and happier with my body. I have both loathed and loved the workouts but now feel like I want to do this everyday.” T.N Cambridge

“I have rampant hay fever normally and my symptoms have been drastically reduced since eating the Blast way. The odd sneeze, but that’s it. It’s changed my summers!” G.B Bristol

“I have intolerances to wheat and all dairy so when I saw your plan I thought it would be perfect for me. It was also great just getting some new ideas about food options and I am now a convert to the breakfast smoothie. I didn’t think I had achieved that much in terms of results until I measured this morning. A total of 8 inches lost!!!! I knew my fitness levels had improved and I am actually enjoying the workouts but to have such great results in such a short period of time is fantastic.” M.M. Costa del Sol, Spain

“Thank you! I have improved energy, fitness, food choices, skin, hair and my sleep. I have fewer cravings, bloating, mood swings, brain fog and my lower back pain has eased.” J.W London

“I have lost 10 inches and I feel fantastic and back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. More importantly, I feel great. This time of the year is a tough time for me and the focus on Blast has been as beneficial to my mental health as well as physical. Really, really pleased I signed up.” O.P. London

So, apart from the obvious fat loss, what else can you expect?:

  • Renewed vigour and energy
  • Fewer symptoms of PMS (go on, ask your husband)
  • Loss of your sweet tooth (everyone’s scourge)
  • Improvement in mucus related allergies
  • Decrease in symptoms of candida (fungal yeast infections)
  • Miles better sleep
  • An increase in strength and muscle definition
  • An increase in your cv fitness
  • A revved up metabolism
  • Improved skin, hair, nails.
  • Improved libido (tell your husband that one, too)
  • A whacking great surge in confidence
  • A marked improvement in your food management skills… fridge picking becomes a thing of the past.

At Blast HQ we receive many, many testimonials, too many to mention here, but this is a sample taken from a long outpouring from a woman in the North of England.

“I am starting to feel attractive again… my skin is glowing… I have hope back and I know I can carry on and crack this and don’t have to resign myself to the menopause… I never used to be strong but I am starting to get that now… and for the first time in years I am not hungry… Annie, I am profoundly grateful and choked as I am typing… you have re-educated me and I know so much better now what to do.“

(There was a bit of rummaging for tissues after that).

In a nutshell the 21 Day Blast is this. A fat-loss programme (I refuse to say weight-loss) which brings with it, in equal measures, knowledge, strength, fitness and empowerment. It is 21 days in which you will get ALL those results. And the tools to continue forward.

Thank you for reading. Annie x

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