I walked into the kitchen on Monday and asked both daughters what came to mind for creating positivity and happiness
in their lives over the next (and potentially dark) few months. I should point out they’re in their twenties ….

  • Buy a puppy
  • Plan a holiday
  • Drink red wine and smoke weed (this didn’t especially surprise me)
  • Make lots of chutney and pickles (this did)
  • Tidy my room and give it a spring-clean (and this!)
  • Make a long-term plan for a plastic-free life
  • Dye my har pink
  • Make a Christmas cake
  • Plot how I’m EVER going to be able to afford to buy a flat anywhere within the M25
  • Practise driving and then pass my test
  • A online shopping-fest at ASOS

There.  Take from that what you will.  I’d like to add to those ideas…and expand on some of them. Add a sprinkling of feel-good smugness too.
1.  Help someone find a job.  Let’s use our age and experience to help someone get a foot in the door. Do research, re-write their CV, anything.
2.  Plant bulbs in your garden for next Spring.  Plant some in next door’s garden too. (No, not them. Their kids annoyed you, remember?  Playing loud music at all hours of the day and night in lockdown)
3.  Make 10 small Christmas cakes (using baked bean tins)  Here’s a recipe. Give them as gifts.
4.  Embrace the socialising outside.  Get an old fire-pit / log basket from eBay or Gumtree or make your own with bricks if you have any spare (this video from Wickes made me chuckle)
5.  Plan a realistic holiday for the first part of next year.  Nothing like dangling ourselves a carrot to help us get through January. Maybe a cottage break in the UK, Scotland, somewhere
you’ve always wanted to go (mine would be the Orkneys).  Most Airbnb property owners are being quite flexible about bookings and deposits, so it’s worth asking.
6.  If you know someone who’s in quarantine and thoroughly fed-up, then send some flowers (this company has a bargain deal at the moment).  Or, keeping the costs lower, send a bag of lily bulbs for showy fragrance all next Summer.
7.  Research new recipes to try on your family.
8.  Research and make new health giving snack ideas for everyone working from home.  There are some protein snack recipes from one of my favourite sites theminimalistbaker.com.
9.  Take a good close look at that room in your home which has ALWAYS got right up your nose.  Find inspiration on making it work better or jazzing it up.  Use a hashtag like #budgetinteriors and see what comes up.
10. Do something kind for someone you don’t know. A favour, an errand, just talk to someone who’s lonely.
11. Sell some stuff on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.  (If anyone knows the best place to sell vinyl records, do let me know).
12. Sort, clean, organise, arrange.
13. Make a date night a regular in your diary.  Not necessarily with your partner.
14. Open the Scrabble box.  Beat your children (yes, even that one with the A* in English Lit).
15. Walk.  Breathe.  Listen.

Note I didn’t use the words ‘sweat’ or ‘workout’ once.  Not once.
Have a lovely day.


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