YouTube is a streaming platform.  In normal speak, it is a medium for broadcasting live and pre-recorded videos.  Everyone there has a channel.  I have a channel and it’s where I store my pre-recorded workouts, which you may already be familiar with.

However, it is very motivating to do a workout live at the same time as the instructor …and with everyone else in the country.

You don’t need an account.  You just need to get the device you want to watch the workout on.  Phone, tablet or computer.  Then just copy the link to the workout (which you will have received in an email or found on my Facebook page or Instagram grid) and paste it into your address bar of your browser (ie. Safari or Chrome or Explorer).

Press return and you’re ready to go. The broadcast will start at the advertised time, you don’t need to do anything else. If you want to expand the picture to full screen, then just click this button at the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube screen.

Make sure you have water and a towel with you.  We’ll be doing the warm-up together too.

The night before, I will paste the link which relates to the workout for the following morning.

See you there!!!

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