Of course, not everyone has that time.  Some of our people are working day and night to protect us.   But we are hankering down because this is something positive we must do to help the country.  Our thoughts go out to all those in the NHS, all key workers, delivery drivers, those managing the hoards in supermarkets and those battling with worry.

This is a list which has been building up in my head over the past two weeks of things we can do to help us flourish, stay sane and positive as well as entertain the children.  They are random thoughts and some, as you would expect, are from a fitness and body confidence point of view.

Two words.  Light.  Tunnel.

  1. Find people to help in a worse situation than yours.  Nothing creates a warm glow like kindness.
  2. Do not sit around moping, eating crap food.  This is going to be a bad enough time, without getting to the end of it and feeling unhappy  about yourself. Watch your diet like a hawk.
  3. Buy some seeds, potting compost and watch something grow.  Something to look after.
  4. If you’ve contemplated getting a dog, now might be a great time to take the plunge.  Breathe life into a rescue dog, how fulfilling would that be?
  5. Keep fit and strong, whatever your ability, whatever your age.  if you run then run more but better RUN LESS RUN FASTER is a great book. Improve your time and distance in just 3 runs a week.
  6. Then on the other 3 days (because you need at least one rest day), do some home yoga workouts (dribble over these, BOHO BEAUTIFUL amazing scenery and inspiring workouts, good for a quiet moment when the kids have stopped murdering each other).
  7. Then there’s the ANNIE DEADMAN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.…a wide range of interval training workouts, weights workouts, Pilates, beginners, advanced. And i will be filming more. In my slippers.
  8. Experiment with new recipes…ten ways to cheer up an out-of-date can of chickpeas.  Seriously, this is a good time to be re-inspired and to get the children involved in food prep.
  9. Clear out the loft.  Share a skip with some friends.
  10. Paint that bit of furniture you’ve always hated.
  11. Clean fridge (chuck the droopy veg into the slow cooker and add onion, garlic, turmeric and other spices for vegetable curry for the freezer.
  12. Create playlists on Spotify.  Experiment with music you never have before. Force yourself down the country or jazz road 🙂
  13. Order some dumbbells and one or two kettlebells from somewhere cheap.  Amazon, Powerhouse Fitness.  Aldi supermarkets also have them.
  14. Make soup.  Just those two words say ‘war effort’.
  15. Start your own YouTube channel. From small acorns, profitable businesses and fulfilling past-times do grow.
  16. Give meditation a go. CALM, HEADSPACE are free apps.  GONOODLE is movement and mindfulness for children.
  17. When you’ve given every single part of yourself to your children, then reserve half an hour for reading in a hot bath. Ask around your friends for good book tips and lose yourself in someone else’s world.
  18. Make a pile to sell on eBay, possibly for when the pressure has eased.  Spare household funds may be low at the moment so pick your timing.
  19. Write that email / letter to every person you ‘kept meaning to stay in touch with’.
  20. Order a skipping rope.  Not if you have pelvic floor issues though. Stick with low impact work
  21. Mow and aerate your lawn.  Better still, do mine and I’ll wave at you from inside.
  22. Write a limerick….

The World had a terrible disaster
That thing just kept growing faster
The loo rolls ran out
And Boris would shout
Get back in your boxes till after

23. Play consequences with your family.  Remember that game?
So silly but fun.  Paper and pens and some celebrity names is all you need. HERE’S HOW
24.  Learn a foreign language.  For free!  DUOLINGO.COM
Then plan that holiday for when this whole business is over and say ” Please can you tell me the way to the sunniest terrace with a view of the sea” in your new language.
25. Swap skills in your family.  Your son and daughter dig  the flowerbed (for those seeds) and you spend an hour with them doing anything that is nothing to do with school work.
26. Research some good podcasts and subscribe.  HOW TO OWN THE ROOM (empowering and motivating interviews with women); ALL HAIL KALE (fitness nonsense) FORTUNATELY (just nonsense with Jane Garvey and Fi Glover.
27.  Play guess the Celebrity. Write Boris Johnson on a piece of paper and stick it on your partners forehead.  He/she has to guess who it is by asking questions with yes or no answers.  They only have to ask “Is it someone who talks about flattening a curve” and they’ve won.
28. If you have the room, choose a spot and have a really large jigsaw puzzle on the go. Deeply relaxing to walk past every so often and slot in a winning piece.
29 .  Reassess the photos you have up of your friends and family.  Move them about,
30.  Get or borrow a foam roller and work on those tight muscles which you’ve struggled with for years.  Consider this a time for therapy.

Here to help you cope, flourish and kick the hell out of this virus.
Take care.


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